Recommendations from my clients

Some of my lovely clients have kindly sent me messages about their experience of working with me and I list some of them below.

I have been going to Julie’s Pilates class for over 12 years now and love it.
What makes it so special is Julie herself. She is so good at making everyone feel comfortable, while simultaneously, gleefully torturing us!
It doesn’t matter which class you go to, you are guaranteed a good laugh.
Seriously though , the Pilates makes my body feel so much better. I started initially because of knee pain and after a while that resolved. It makes me feel strong and supple.
It doesn’t matter at what point you join the classes as the exercises are explained with options of various levels to suit the stage you are at and adapted for any medical issues.
When I was unwell in hospital, Julie created a tailored programme for me and helped keep me as fit as possible, both physically and mentally. I am convinced Pilates expedited my recovery. She also set up a WhatsApp group for me and I received a daily flow of messages from members of the class. Julie always goes the extra mile to support everyone. I have met so many wonderful people through the classes and would totally recommend them.


I joined Julie’s class to help recover from serious leg injuries 4 years ago.

Quite a daunting task considering how immobile I was at the time, but her ‘multi-level’ approach to exercises, and individual guidance allowed me to join in with a far more competent class group.

Thank you so much Julie from a much more mobile middle aged guy.


Julie is a real inspiration,and always smiling.She has really helped me through a very difficult time,when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and encouraged me to work hard! I really miss the live, face to face sessions, but I have been continuing with Zoom sessions.


Julie is an exceptional Pilates teacher and her classes are hugely beneficial and enjoyable. She always tailors her classes to everyone’s needs and always keeps a watchful eye on every member of the class. She seems to have X-ray vision of what’s wrong with me on any given day! Her classes feel very personal and I cannot recommend her highly enough


Joined Julie’s classes in October 2018. I firmly believe her style of Pilates is definitely right for my body, with my improved core strength and flexibility transferring, making everyday life easier. Julie’s method of teaching is comprehensive. Key are her demonstration and explanation techniques and then she adds to this by always remembering those of us who need some extra coaching to achieve the best. Thank you Julie.